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I open my eyes to the same white room,

I try to move my arms yet I am restrained by the same three straps.

I hear the same morning cries spewing through the air,

Or is that just the pulsations under my hair?

A man in white walked for my morning dosage,

Having a smile of relief thinking about the easier days to come.

For the first time in 30 years since I was held here,

My time will come to a stop with this dot on my brain.

The age of three years was the corner of my life,

Fighting the dot made my eyes and mouth a freakin fright.

Through the following years of my schooling,

Children always diverged as I walked on the playground.

Simply screaming, “Look out for the insane maniac!”

Like an age-old witch hunt I was put on a stake,

But instead of burning with torches and pitchforks they threw with scissors, rocks, and books.

The teachers just stood there as the spectacle became fearsome,

Much more afraid of my parents who could chop their reputations into ground chum.

They were nothing but filthy beasts that ran rampant with their stench of fear,

Fine then, if that’s what they want I’ll give them a performance to hear.

With practice and research I walked into class,

Taking down that towering giant with two slashes in a flash.

With eyes as sharp as can be,

I painted the room red with a smile of glee.

At the age of eight I was carted off to this place,

Never to see my parents as if they were saving face.

With 30 years of good behavior and nothing to show,

The entire facility practically celebrated as results of the dot came back with a glow.

The pulsations grow louder with each passing day,

Digging in my brain until it’s flayed.

The air whispers in like a demons taunt,

Whispering in my ear, “Is this what you want?”

 “Time is naught but a fleeting moment,”

“So give these fools their appropriate atonement.”

“With infinity’s demise you can be free of the leash’s hold,”

“Your usefulness is not over as long as you smother.”

I revel in these words as a smile creeps up my cheeks,

I’ve done it once before why not do it again.

This world cares not for me as I cared not for it,

So once again I will dance to the melody of insanity’s trumpet.

The Melody of Insanity's Trumpet
You read the story that didn't make it into my University's publication. Well here's the piece that did. As of now this my only piece of mine that is published in any form.

It is inspired by a character from the last story (The End of Infinity) I uploaded. Can you guess which one it is?

Leave a comment or favorite if you like it, or have any type of criticism you wish to share.


    "You can do it Chrone!" shouted a seven-year-old boy standing in a line along the fence of a play area within the school.

    Chrone focused his attention on the kid who was the pitcher of the ball. The athletically-built seven-year-old boy lifted his right arm with the ball in hand and released it on the ground as fast as he could.

    As the ball rolled towards Chrone in a curvature-like direction, he followed its movement up to the very last moment and kicked it high in the air. He began to run as the outfielders ran after the ball. The ball landed just about 2 inches away from the outfielder who went to retrieve the ball, the runners on second and third had already made it to the home base and Chrone was already at second. As he hit third base and began running for home, he tripped on his shoelace and landed flat on the ground revealing a trinket on his right hand.

    “Bing,”Chrone felt a ball hit him followed by a shout saying, "He’s out!"

    Suddenly, the teacher of the class yelled, "Okay kids, time to go back inside!" Followed by a couple "Aw man!" and "But I don't want to go in yet!" The students began lining up at the door like they do every day.

    A kid by the name of John Donaver came over the Chrone to help him up while saying, "Too bad we didn't win the game. If you hadn’t gotten out, we would've tied up the score.”

    "Sorry, I guess I just have bad luck," said Chrone with a disappointed look on his face.

    "Then what's the point of having a good luck charm on your right-hand if it does nothing?" John said staring at the trinket on Chrone's right-hand.

    Chrone looked down at his right wrist, which was a metal chain linked together into a base that covered the top 25% of a marble that gave off what seemed to be the whitest glow one could think of. The only thing that ruined the overall perfect piece of craftsmanship was a chip in the side of it, which revealed nothing inside except the strange feeling as if one could see through to the other side into the environment. "It's not a good luck charm," he said to Jin while looking at it.

    "It's not?" John asked. "Then why do you wear it all the time?"

    "I don't know," Chrone answered. "My mother just always made me wear it. It's something I got from her."

    "Well whatever it is, maybe you should get something to get rid of that clumsiness to complement with your being the fastest in our class." John said.

    "Aw, please stop it John," Chrone said as the two boys started walking towards the line when the teacher firmly yelled at them to move it.


    Chrone walked out of school with a blue backpack with black strings attached to his back. He looked up from the ground and spotted a middle-age woman wearing a red and black shirt with black pants standing in front of a blue Honda Accord.  At the sight of this woman his face went into the biggest smile he could make, as he ran as fast as he could with his arms wide open screaming, "Mommy!"

    "Hello, baby," said the middle-age woman. "How was your day at school?"

    "It was great mom," Chrone said. "Today we learned how to add and subtract two digit numbers and started reading another book and played kickball at recess."

     "Well," the middle-age woman said directing Chrone. "It sounds like you had a very eventful day. But let's leave some for your father, all right?"

    "Okay mom," Chrone said getting in the car. His mother followed him in the car and started it before putting it into drive and left its parking space.

    As the car drove away from the school, a black shoe stepped out from behind a nearby tree revealing the figure of a tall masculine man shrouded by the tree’s shadow with part of his left forearm still behind the tree. He just stood there unnoticed and unaffected by the world around him, staring at the Honda Accord driving farther and farther away. The shadows around his face began to move as the seam around his lips began to part. The wind howled fiercely as he inhaled while barely whispering, "Ah, the smell of cinder before the lamb slips into the fire’s blades."

    Chrone, his mother, and a man who was wearing tan slacks and a black pullover were sitting in a small dining room and a small oval shaped table eating a plate full of salmon, broccoli, and macaroni and cheese. As they were all eating, the man put his fork down, finished swallowing his food, and looked at Chrone saying, “So Chrone, did you have fun at school?”

    "Yeah, dad," Chrone said. "Today we did more math with two digit numbers, we played kickball, I made some new friends at lunch and, and we get to read a book tomorrow!"

    “Okay, okay," the man said with a smile. "I'm glad you are really happy. However, don't forget to get your homework finished, and maybe when you're done we could play a game if there's time afterward."

    "Okay dad," Chrone said as he ran out into the living room.

    Chrone’s father was about to stop him when he saw that Chrone didn't clean up his space, but was stopped by Chrone's mother when she said, "Let him go for tonight honey. He's been a good kid since the start of the school year, so let him have a chance tonight."

    "You've been awfully soft on him these days," said the father. "Is something bothering you?"

    "Well," she said. "He's already six years old now and I was wondering if it was about time we told him that we're not his biological parents."

    "You shouldn't worry too much Joanne," he said. "He’s still young, he just started elementary school not too long ago and I'm sure that won't change a thing between all of us." He gave Joanne a hug to comfort her that lasted about 30 seconds. Then he released her and said, "But you can't let that get in the way of doing your job, you are still his mother and that will never change in my book."

    "But Gary…" Joanne started to say but was stopped as he put his right index finger over her mouth.

    "Now, let's get this cleaned up," Gary said as he was removing the dishes.

    Joanne looked as if she was going to say something about the way he got her to be quiet, but then stopped as she put on a smile of relief.

    As the hours flew by, Chrone worked diligently on his homework for the next few hours. However, he unfortunately didn't have any time to play after he was done, as Joanne started pushing him up the stairs get ready to take a shower. Gary was supposed to shower with him since they were just now transitioning Chrone from a bath to a shower, but he didn't go up with them just yet.

    "Ding-dong," the doorbell rang and Gary got up from the couch and went to the door. He looked out the door window and didn't see anyone on the porch. He scanned the area once again and was about to turn around and leave the door when he heard a loud “crack” of wood shattering, followed by an intense sharp pain in his stomach and a taste of blood in his mouth. He looked down to see a tarnished broad blade occupying the space between the door and his body.

    The sword then retracted from the crack in the door, and Gary fell backwards as his strength was drained from his body. There was now a loud scraping sound at the door, as whoever wielded the large blade was now trying to tear the door apart. Confused, shocked, and terrified, he attempted to hoist himself off the floor or at least back away from the door, but his legs were not responding, and it was too painful for him to try to move. He then heard a scream followed by his name as he looked up with his tear filled blurred vision to see the unfocused silhouette of his wife.  He could tell that she had her hands over her mouth looking over the staircase at him. He valiantly tried to lift his right arm off the ground in an effort to reach up for her. In a gurgling blood-filled voice he said, "Go Joanne, get Chrone and hide now!" As if understanding what he said, she turned around and ran upstairs.

    The door finally gave way and burst open as pieces of the door flew in every direction. "Clomp, clomp, clomp," Gary could hear the sounds of boots hitting the floor as he tried to look up and see who the perpetrator was. However, his vision was so blurred that he could only make out a black clothed muscular body and the unnaturally yellow spiked hair on the top of his head. The man used both of his hands to lift up the large sword high above his head and within seconds, he swung it downward so hard that the impact to the ground could be felt throughout the entire house.

    After hearing that sound multiple times, Joanne quickly went into her and her husband's bedroom, grabbed the cordless phone, barged into Chrone's room, slammed the door and used anything she could lift to barricade the door. This included: the nightstand, the toy trunk and part of the bed.

    Chrone who was now scared and confused, said in a whimpering voice while on the verge of tears, "Mommy, what's happening?"

    Joanne opened the wide closet in the room and started looking around at the ceiling until she found a door to the attic. She pulled the door open and pulled down the ladder which led up to it. She then went over to Chrone and pulled him to the ladder, then looked him in the eyes and said, “Chrone, you’re going to have to hide now, but everything is going to be okay. Just stay up there, don't make a sound and wait for the police to arrive. Whatever you do, don't make noise!"

    With that Chrone was forced up the ladder, followed by the ladder  itself only to have the attic hatch closed by his mother.

    Although Joanne told Chrone not to move, he moved away from the hatch and got closer to the actual room itself. He could hear his mother dialing 911 on the phone and asking for the police. After a brief explanation of what was going on, she was able to get out the address before a loud noise interrupted her, followed by her scream which was equally as loud.  There was silence for a minute or two before the sounds of boots hitting the hardwood floor could be heard.

    "Clomp, clomp, clomp," each step got closer and closer to the sound of a whimpering Joanne.

    Suddenly, in a frighteningly loud voice Joanne screamed, "What do you want?! Why are you doing this?! WHY DID YOU KILL MY HUSBAND?!!!!!!!!”

    "Shrub up you slanted sheep, before Little Bo Peep gets angry with an ax chainsaw," said the mentally disturbed source of a scruffy deep masculine voice. "If the question is satisfied, then your breath may continue to fill the room.” There was a moment of silence before the voice continued. “Now… Where might the little time be at this moment?"

    "Little… Time? What are you talking about?" Joanne asked with a tear filled voice.

    "Come on, you know," The voice said, now closer to the location of her voice. "The little person that lives here, your child I believe it’s called." There was another moment of silence.

    "W-we don't have-" as Joanne's voice said before she was interrupted.

    "Don't throw your games to me!" The voice said. "You have one chance left. Where is the little time?”

    The silence was longer this time, but Joanne was about to speak when those words are cut short by many earth shattering thumping noises and her own bloodcurdling scream.

    Chrone let out a whimper when his mother's screams stopped.

    There was nothing but utter silence, until suddenly the man's boots could be heard walking around the room, "clomp, clomp, clomp." After the noise stopped for a minute, the man's voice suddenly echoed through the ceiling. "Little Tiiime… Little Tiiime… Come out, come out, wherever you are. Your mommy wants you to come out and play with her."

    Chrone put his hands over his mouth as silence fell around him again. "Bam!" A giant sword came through the ceiling just 2 inches off his right.

    "There you are," said the man's voice.

    The sword disappeared below the ceiling as Chrone started to back away from where it was. Suddenly, the sword appeared behind him which was again 2 inches away from him. It moved in a circular pattern to the right for about 90° until it hit something that caused sparks before it disappeared.

    This process repeated until the ceiling collapsed and Chrone came crashing down along with the piece he was sitting on. He opened his eyes only to see almost complete darkness except for the light from the hallway. He sat up and immediately grabbed his left arm after an intense sharp pain coursed through his body causing tears to well up from his eyes. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him and turned around to see a muscular figure moving in the darkness. He started backing up with this right arm and hand until he backed into to the wall. The figure started walking after him, and as he walked past the light coming from the hallway all that was revealed was a large sword that had a very dull gray color, that was about 13 inches wide and had a very basic base.

    As the man got closer and closer to Chrone, he started singing the phrase, "the floor sinks down into the ground to fetch a pail of water.” He stopped about 12 inches away from Chrone and while raising his sword to his right side he said, "And now little time, let's let the Mavericks get one up."

    The man shifted his sword to the left horizontally and just as he did, a burst of what looked like heat waves and a noise like the sound of a giant jet engine starting came from the surface of the sword. "I see that stupid counsel doesn't really have much time to come and see me themselves,” he said without moving his eyes. "But for them to send a child no more than seven or eight years old to stop me… they must be desperate."

    Chrone looked at the door to the room only to see the silhouette of a girl who was so tall she could probably be mistaken for 10 to 12-year-old. All that was visible was her hair which seemed to just go past her shoulders, she had a regular blue vest and black sweatpants, and although it was shadowed she seemed to have some sort of moving blade-like claws.

    "Dagon Bains, your activities for disrupting time and space have become a major threat to the time thread," the girl said. "You are hereby commissioned for immediate erasure."

    "Very well," Dagon said. "Then to begin, chickerette."

    The girl with incredible speed charged after Dagon. However, he blocked her with the sword only to have her use it to propel herself to the right. As she did, she used the wall to push herself towards him, in which he reacted with another block only to find out that she went to the left of the sword and landed right next to him. Though surprised, he quickly brought the sword to his left in order to cut her in half. However, she jumped in the air and used the blades on her hands to scratch the surface of the sword to slow it down. Using the sword as a base she gave him a hard kick to the face with her heels.

    The kick was so hard that Dagon stumbled backwards and as he tried to turn around and use his arms to break his impact into the wall, he was too slow to react and ended up falling face first into the window that was right behind him. "Aaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhh," he screamed. "It hurts! My eyyyyeeeee!" His figure could be seen pulling a large shard of glass out of his right eye.

    "It's over!" The girl said charging at him. However, instead of using his sword to defend himself, he instead punched her in the chest to stop her and then kicked her in the pelvis to knock her away.

    As Dagon stood there holding his damaged eye, he turned toward the window as if hearing a sound in the distance and said, "Too long!" He gripped his sword which was still in his left hand and then swung it in midair to his left and as he did, a portion of the area where he swung his sword changed completely. What was once part of the dark room now had become part of a common suburban neighborhood?

    Dagon with his left functioning eye, looked straight into Chrone’s eyes and said, "We will finish this next time, Little Time." With that he dove into the changed scenery and disappeared as he slashed the place again, causing it to disappear completely.

    The girl now up on her feet let out a big sigh, crossed her arms and said, "Shoot, I almost had him!" She then looked over to see a shocked and traumatized Chrone. She hurried over to him and in the gentlest voice she had said, "I'm sorry, I couldn't get to your parents in time. I'm also sorry that I won't be able to stay and explain to the police about what happened. I know your life is going to be extremely tough for you from now on, but no matter what happens, I will always make sure that he never gets a chance to kill you." With that she ran out the bedroom door and after a time her footsteps disappeared completely.

    Now alone, Chrone started surveying the area with his tear filled eyes. With his eyes now adjusted to the darkness he was able to catch the figure of the person right across from the corner he was in. The only thing was that the human figure was in various ways distinctly different. "Mommy?" He said in a quivering voice. He then repeated the phrase in the form of an expression with a sobering voice, "Mommy?!!"


    Chrone opened his eyes to the bright morning light. He sat up in the white bed that he was in and looked around to what looked like a hospital room. He was just about to say, "Where am I?" However, he knew exactly where he was and the events that led him to there. A half a week ago, his parents were murdered by a bad guy and he ended up seriously injured. Though, the part that always drew him to tears was the fact that he realized he was now an orphan. Apparently, it was by order of the police to let him stay there until they could finish their questioning him before being released into foster care.  This was a surprise and at the same time heartbreaking, considering his parents had many relatives that he had seen many times. He suddenly heard voices outside the door. It was the guard that was assigned to his room changing shifts with another guard because the killer was still out there and they didn't know whether he would come for him or not.

    The police questioned Chrone many times, and he told them what had happened on that day over and over again, but they just took it as the ramblings of a traumatized child, who had just seen his parents murdered and was now an orphan. In fact, they even questioned who his parents were. He thought the police had all this information. They weren’t criminals who were there illegally, and many people in the neighborhood knew them. So why did the police need to question him about who they were? He started hearing the two guards talking, so he decided to listen to them as best they could.

    "So, there was another murder?" one of the guards said.

    "Yeah," said the other guard. "It's pretty scary if you think about it. Two murders at the same address for the 25th year in a row."

    "Not to mention," the first guard said." A child was involved this time. Though, how can a child live with two different people each year thinking each one was his parent is a mystery to me?"

    "What?" said the second guard.

     "Yeah," the first guard said. "The neighbors and the people from the school, the local church and the area grocery stores know who he is. There is proof that the kid has been a legitimate resident there for six years now, and yet all six of those years there were murders there and nobody batted an eye at the kid. It's just weird and eerie. Is this how our nation is deteriorating? Letting a kid live with 12 undocumented people after each and every one of them has been murdered for the last 6 years? It just breaks my heart."

    "I know what you mean," the second guard said.

    Chrone felt the entire world come crashing down. His eyes began to well up with tears again while he had mixed emotions of anger, shock and confusion. There were murders in his house for 25 years? Nobody knows his parents? He lived with 12 different unknown people for 6 years? On top of all this, they don't believe what he saw. They don't believe that his parents were murdered by a bad guy cloaked in black using a giant magical sword and the only reason that he survived was because a girl one or two years older than him fought the bad guy off single-handedly with Kung Fu Kid fighting moves and some sort of claws.

    Suddenly, there was commotion outside the door as Chrone heard the guard say, "Ah, you must be here for the kid. Well, I guess that's it for my job, go on in."

    The door opened as a woman stepped in and started walking towards his bed. The woman was dressed in black business attire. This gave her the appearance of an attorney, but Chrone wasn't going to ask. She crouched over the bed and looked him straight in the eyes while saying, "Hello Chrone, my name is Susan J Kendilhalf. Let me start off by saying, it's very nice to meet you and I'm sorry about what happened to your parents. But please rest assured that we will take care of you. I promise you you're going to love the new place you are going to. You'll be able to make new friends and learn to be a proper adult. So let's get moving then, shall we?”

    It was obvious that the lady’s question was a rhetorical, as he had no choice in the matter. Plus, the way she spoke made it clear that she did not want to have any conversation and just wanted to make things as quick as possible. He was in no condition or mood to argue with her. So, after carefully getting out of bed with his broken arm, she escorted him down to the first floor. Going through, he could see the sentimental eyes of pity from some of the nurses that had taken care of him for the last four days. A few waved their hands goodbye, while others just smiled silently and nodded.

    After leaving the front entrance of the hospital, Chrone was then escorted to a gray Blazer where Ms. Kendilhalf opened the back seat door and helped him get inside. After closing the door she then walked over to the driver seat, got in, started the car and began driving away.

    Chrone looked back at the city one last time, while he was getting the feeling that he would never see it again. His eyes for the third time today accumulated tears and he began sobbing. Noticing this Ms. Kendilhalf halfheartedly comforted him by saying, "Oh don't cry sweetie, you still have your whole life ahead of you, and I swear to you that this is only just the beginning." He somehow knew that she only said that to calm him down, but it was no use. All he had left in his heart were the painful happy memories of his parents, the questions like, “Why his parents and why him?" Then there is the overwhelming desire for the truth on the one who killed his parents, the man with the giant magical sword, who went by the name of Dagon Banes.

The End of Infinty: Through Time's Inundate
Hello, long time no activity. As I said I am still working on the Art trade and will not upload any art until it is done I decided to do something a little different.

This an exert from the start of another series I had planned to do if my Inter-Figthers series ever took off, called The End of Infinity. I did this piece for a publication that my university had but it was rejected. So I decided to put it here.

I apologize that it's a pretty long (It is 7 pages), but I didn't think it was worth it to split it up into different parts. I hope you enjoy it.

Leave a comment if you want to know more!

P.S. I have no plans to continue this story at this time.
• For the first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list.

• If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

• The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

:iconcpthelunargoat: CPtheLunarGoat
A friend of mine who is a very good creature artist and deserves all the praise she gets. It's too bad I can't paste more. I am still working on the art trade with her.
  • Time keeper redesign by CPtheLunarGoat
  • Vulted- close up detail by CPtheLunarGoat
  • Legendary-Porperca by CPtheLunarGoat
• For the first 10 people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list.

• If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

• The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! If you don't re-do it you will be taken off the list.

:iconcpthelunargoat: CPtheLunarGoat
A friend of mine who is a very good creature artist and deserves all the praise she gets. It's too bad I can't paste more. I am still working on the art trade with her.
  • Time keeper redesign by CPtheLunarGoat
  • Vulted- close up detail by CPtheLunarGoat
  • Legendary-Porperca by CPtheLunarGoat


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